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'And if it costs $500 million to keep them in jail, keep them in jail. Because they're going to go back to the fight. Look at the fricken Afghan government that's made up of former detainees at Gitmo. This whole thing by the left about this war ain't working.'

'Now all Americans must stand united in solidarity with the brave people of Ukraine as they courageously defend their country against Putin's tyranny, as they fight for their freedom,' Reynolds said. 

Keisha Lance Bottoms says a stray bullet nearly hit her nephew after it penetrated his bedroom wall and landed beside his bed in Atlanta - just years after another nephew was tragically shot and killed.

U.S. Capitol Police officers stand guard near the Capitol Building Tuesday morning as a security perimeter has been erected around the building for President Joe Biden's State of the Union address Tuesday night 

'Until we deal with the systemic issues of gun violence in this country - how easily young people with mental illness can access guns in this country, I'm afraid that this will not be the last summer that we are having this conversation,'  Bottoms told  .

Russia's announcement of the missile strike came as Kyiv's army high command claimed to have killed a fifth Moscow general since the war in Ukraine began. Lieutenant General Andrey Mordvichev (pictured) was one of Vladimir Putin's most senior commanders, in charge of the 8th All-Military Army of the Kremlin's vast Southern Military District

The former mayor also said the pandemic 'left a lot of people battered and bruised, not just physically, but also emotionally,' which led to an increase in personal disputes that could easily be exacerbated by guns.

Bottoms, who served as mayor of Atlanta from 2018 to 2022, previously blamed the 50 percent increase in homicides in 2021 on lax gun laws, teenagers having too much free time on their hands and the state lifting its COVID-19.

 They were married within a month in a sharia ceremony and settled in California before moving to Cairo in 2011 where Georgelas met other jihadists and was a vocal supporter of ‘pre-IS pro-caliphate voices'.

'You know, it seems like everything is backward,' Reynolds pointed out. 'The Biden administration requires vaccines for Americans who want to go to work or protect this country, but not for migrants who illegally cross the border.' 

In Virginia, Republican candidate Glenn Youngkin's pro-parents campaign allowed the first-time candidate to take out former Democratic Gov. Terry McAuliffe, who's been involved in politics for decades.     

'North Korea is testing missiles again at an alarming rate, the Speaker of the House recently warned our Olympic athletes not to speak out against China, and now Russia has launched an unprovoked full-scale military invasion of Ukraine - an attack on democracy, freedom, and the rule of law,' Reynolds said. 

Eventually Taylor broke things off with Joya, refusing to leave real estate mogul Anne — a relative of former president Calvin Coolidge and a direct descendant of Founding Father Thomas Jefferson — and their three daughters.

This could signal that Jackson is a 'safe' nominee since rather than opposition from Republicans and independents, she is met with complacency. It seems to be an odd place for the first ever black woman nominated to the Supreme Court to be sitting.

'The reason I ask these questions is because, I have no doubt your faith is important to you and I have zero doubt that you can adjudicate people's cases if they're atheist,' he added of his confidence in Jackson. 'If I had any doubt, I would say so.'

Activists rally in support of Supreme Court nominee Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson near the Capitol in Northeast Washington, D.C. on Tuesday, March 22, 2022 during the second day of her confirmation hearings

But life was so grim there that within weeks the mother-of-four and so-called ‘First Lady of ISIS' had fled to Turkey, eventually settling in the US where she abandoned radical Islam and embarked on a new life preaching the dangers of extremism.

'I'm suggesting the system has failed miserably and advocates to change the system, like she was advocating, would destroy our ability to protect this country. We're at war, we're not fighting a crime. This is not some passage of time event.

Senator Lindsey Graham went on a heated rant during Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson's confirmation questioning Tuesday regarding the release of Guantanamo Bay detainees before storming out of the hearing room

Taylor's wife Anne Coolidge-Taylor, 53, is sticking by him — at least temporarily — but their 18-year marriage faces fresh stress today as spurned Joya, 38, tells ‘He could not keep his d**k in his pants.'

'They tired of people pretending the way to end racism is by categorizing everybody by their race,' she continued. 'They're tired of politicians who tell parents they should sit down, be silent and let government control their kids education and future.' 

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