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Need to start playing with sensors, however do not know where to begin? This equipment features a sensor for nearly every job. With everything included in this package, you can sense acceleration, distance, compass heading, vibration, humidity, movement, ambient gentle, temperature, and extra! These are our favourite sensors from every category. ADXL335 - Triple-Axis Accelerometer Breakout Board - Senses acceleration along all three axes, with a variety of up to ±3g. ITG-3200 - Triple-Axis Gyro Breakout Board - Senses angular velocity alongside three axes of rotation. Absolutely digital interface with a range of as much as ±2000°/s. Giant Piezo Vibration Sensor - With Mass - A versatile film in a position to sense for vibration, contact, shock, and so forth. When the film moves again and forth an AC wave is created, with a voltage of up to ±90. 0.5" Power Sensitive Resistor - A power sensing resistor with a 0.5" diameter sensing area. PIR Movement Sensor - Easy-to-use movement detector with an analog interface. Ultrasonic Rangefinder - Maxbotix LV-EZ1 - Distance sensor with each analog and RS-232 interfaces, providing sonar range info from 6 to 254 inches. Mini Photocell - The photocell will range its resistance based on how a lot mild it's exposed to. Will range from 1k? 10k? at nighttime. BMP085 Barometric Stress Sensor - Low power, high precision barometric pressure sensor with I2C output. Flex Sensor - Because the sensor is flexed, the resistance throughout the sensor increases. SoftPot - These are very thin variable potentiometers. By pressing on various positions alongside the strip, you range the resistance. Certain Content material THAT Seems ON THIS SITE COMES FROM AMAZON Providers LLC. THIS Content material IS Supplied "AS IS" AND IS Subject To change OR Elimination AT ANY TIME.