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All-star tour Guardian is a rebounded Hawk does not take us often
The general team will not let the team's star players are responsible for playing the ball, but the defending champion Seattle Hawks is obviously not a "general team."

Pete Carroll was confirmed in Monday, the team's new season's number one abandoned player was selected for two consecutive years, the best lineup (All-pro), Tour, Thomas III EARL THOMAS III. Thomas has never been a responsibility of returning attack in four years of career. He has been engaged training in front of this year's season training camp. In the preseason, 59 yards abandoned and wholesale Jerseys attacked. In addition, he also had 4 abandoned a total of 58 yards in the university.

Thomas's speed, explosive force, awareness in active safety, no one can go right, cheap jerseys from china this is why Haike dare to take a high injury risk of the high-end group back to attack, he served as this task.