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hilariously mocked Carlos Tevez as his former team-mate went for a toilet break as they were live-streaming a recent game.
Tevez joined Aguero to watch 's side crash out of the Champions League in a 6-5 aggregate defeat to .
The pair are close friends from their time playing for Argentina, as well as Manchester City, where they were team-mates from 2011 to 2013.
Sergio Aguero mocked his former Manchester City team-mate Sergio Aguero on a live stream 
Tevez asked Aguero not to 'speak ill' of him as he went for a bathroom break, only for his former team-mate to waste no time in mocking him as he was away from the stream (pictured)

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During the live stream on , Tevez said he was going to the bathroom and asked: 'I only ask you not to speak ill of me.'

City's all time leading scorer Aguero replied: 'No, how can I speak ill of you?'
As soon as Tevez walked away, it took no time at all for Aguero to mock his Argentine compatriot.<b Aguero mocked Tevez's beard, said he was 'old' and 'played bad' at the end of his career
Aguero then acted innocent as his former team-mate Tevez returned from his bathroom break
Aguero said: 'Wow, he has a lot of beard. Luckily he retired from football. 
'He was old. He was going through a bad time. He was playing bad. 
'I think he did well to retire. I don't know what people think but it was time - he had to finish everything.
'At the moment his body gave him no more. I think it was smart.'
Tevez then returned and asked Aguero whether something had happened, to which the City legend replied: 'No, the game is good.'
The pair were watching as Pep Guardiola's side lost to Real Madrid in the semi-finals last week

He then mocked Tevez some more as he acted innocent over his prior comments, adding: 'People said you could keep playing - I told them yes, you could still play.
'But those are your decisions. I think you could give more, you were at a good level. Because people said: "Tevez is dead, he is tired.
Tevez responded: 'I imagine you defended me,' to which Aguero finished 'obviously I said you could'.
The video picked up a lot of attention on Twitter with fans amused by Aguero's antics.
The account which shared the video wrote: 'Sergio Aguero with the worst betrayal since The Godfather part II.'
One person wrote: 'Lol and he did it with a straight face,' while simply commented 'judas' with several laughing emojis.
Tevez and Aguero were part of Manchester City's first Premier League triumph in 2012

CrucialCancelo commented: 'He's a troll now. He basically said Tevez is finished.'
While another person suggested that Aguero 'had done Tevez dirty' with his comments.'  
The pair were left in shock as Manchester City were on the verge of reaching the final against Liverpool, when a late Rodrygo double and extra-time penalty from Karim Benzema sent them crashing out of the tournament.
Their shock , with Aguero reading out a message from the PSG star which said: 'Stop f***ing around! It can't be!'
Tevez has not played since leaving Boca Juniors in June 2021 while Aguero was forced to retire in December that year after he was diagnosed with cardiac arrhythmia - just months after leaving City for Barcelona. 

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